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Bryan Museum: A Piece of History

December 30, 2015
By Terry Card
Source: Island Guide Magazine
Photo: The Bryan Museum

"That man's gone crazy! What's he doin' diggin' for oil in front of the old orphanage? Does anybody know what's goin' on?"

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Houstonian Finally Has a Place to Display His Collection of 'Everything'

December 18, 2015
By Joe Holley
Source: Houston Chronicle
Photo: Mayra Beltran, Houston Chronicle

J.P. Bryan Jr. is a collector. Of books, paintings, guns, swords, saddles, spurs, knives, rare documents, uniforms, sombreros, letters, religious objects and more, not to mention two Big Bend ranches, several historic homes and a hotel (the handsomely restored Gage Hotel in Marathon).

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Haven for History

December 2015
By Heather Brand
Source: Texas Highways
Photo: Will van Overbeek

Houston businessman J.P. Bryan had been searching for the perfect site for a museum to showcase his immense collection of artifacts and artworks chronicling the history of the American Southwest. When he first stepped through the grand entrance of the former Galveston Orphans Home in the summer of 2013, he knew that he had found the right place.

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A Texas Star: The Bryan Museum

November 30, 2015
By Shale Oil & Gas Business Magazine
Source: Shale Oil & Gas Business Magazine
Photo: The Bryan Museum

Galveston Island welcomes the Bryan Museum, home to the largest collection of art, artifacts and documents relating to the American Southwest.

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The Bryan Museum in Galveston Unveils Its Battle of San Jacinto Diorama

November 9, 2015
By Chacour Koop, The Daily News
Source: The Daily News
Photo: Jennifer Reynolds, The Daily News

The Bryan Museum, which holds an expansive collection of Southwestern artifacts, recently unveiled a diorama depicting the Battle of San Jacinto in 1836.

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Founder Favors Five

November 2015
By Texas Highways
Source: Texas Highways
Photo: The Bryan Museum

J.P. Bryan opened The Bryan Museum in Galveston in June 2015 to showcase his vast collection of artworks and historical artifacts. The founder and chief executive of Houston-based Torch Energy Advisers, Bryan has been collecting rare artifacts for decades.

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Mr. Bryan's Magical History Tour

August 2015
By Michael Hardy
Source: Texas Monthly
Photo: Marie D. De Jesus, Houston Chronicle via AP

James Perry Bryan Jr., a trim man with neatly parted silver hair and courtly manners, sits at the head of a long mahogany conference table, ignoring the cup of coffee his assistant has brought out to him on a saucer. He wears a dark-blue blazer, creased khakis, and loafers—patrician chic. When he speaks, his voice has a quiet, gravelly authority.

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'Free at Last' Returns to Galveston

July 27, 2015
From Staff Reports
Source: The Daily News
Photo: U.S. Senate Photographic Studio

A painting commemorating Juneteenth, the day in 1865 that the enslaved people of Texas were informed by General Gordon Granger they were free, will return to Galveston as it goes on display at the Bryan Museum today.

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For God, Glory and Gold

July 11, 2015
By Rick Cousins
Source: The Daily News
Photo: Jennifer Reynolds, The Daily News

As founder J.P. Bryan stands on an upper floor of the island museum that bears his name, you can search for a family resemblance in depths of the oils in the painted portrait made of his grandmother, several generations back, Emily Austin Bryan Perry.

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Orphans, Wharves and Tom Lea

June 20, 2015
By Alvin Sallee
Source: The Daily News
Photo: The Bryan Museum

My favorite (made me look good) football receiver, John, grew up in an orphanage. His mother died and his father, in the Merchant Marines, was gone for months.

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New Bryan Museum Tells Story of the American West

June 19, 2015
By Molly Glentzer, Houston Chronicle
Source: Houston Chronicle
Photo: Marie D. De Jesus, Houston Chronicle

J.P. Bryan didn't start out to make a museum. He just needed to get stuff out of the house.

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Galveston's New Bryan Museum Holds Local Relics of the Past

June 19, 2015
By Amy Bishop
Source: Houston Public Media
Photo: Amy Bishop

JP Bryan is a descendant of the famous Stephen F. Austin. That's one reason the sixth-generation Texan is so passionate about collecting artifacts from the state’s history, as well as the rest of the American West.

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The Bryan Museum Opens With Juneteenth Exhibit

June 19, 2015

Now open, Galveston's newest attraction, The Bryan Museum, celebrates Juneteenth with an exhibit featuring the Buffalo Soldiers. The Buffalo Soldiers will be on exhibit now through September.

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About Our Founder, J.P. Bryan

June 18, 2015

J.P. Bryan, founder of The Bryan Museum, is a descendant of Moses Austin, the father of Stephen F. Austin. An avid collector of books, documents, artifacts, and works of fine art documenting the history of Texas and the American West, he and his wife, Mary Jon, have amassed one of the largest and most significant collections of its type in the world.

More than 70,000 pieces spanning 12,000 years of history are permanently housed in the immaculately restored historic Galveston Orphans Home at 1315 21st Street.

Bryan chose Galveston Island following a search of a number of locations in other cities but settled on the Galveston Orphans Home immediately upon setting foot inside the doors. "For our collection, the building's large rooms and high ceilings are a marriage made in heaven," he stated. The ambiance of the stately building combined with the warm, elegant interiors will greatly enhance visitors' experience.

The staff at The Bryan Museum were invited to join his team based on their extensive knowledge, interest, and dedication to preserving history, as well as their ability to assist in illustrating the vision, courage, and entrepreneurial spirit that built the State of Texas.

Staff members include Director of The Bryan Museum Jamie Christy, Ph.D.; Curator Andrew Gustafson; Chelby King, Grants Writer and Director of Membership; Peter Ochoa, Special Events Coordinator and Museum Shop Manager; and Tirzah Hall, Volunteer and Group Tours Coordinator.

"When you get an opportunity to share with other people, it's a far more gratifying experience, especially the history of the state of Texas and the evidence of thousands of heroes and the values most shared in bringing about the settlement of the western United States—it's a wonderful story. There's not another country in the world that has such an interesting historical chapter attached to it." –J.P. Bryan

The Bryan Museum Receives Landmark Rehabilitation Award

May 14, 2015

The Bryan Museum was awarded the Annual Galveston Landmark Commission Rehabilitation Award for outstanding restoration, renovation, and use of building at the Galveston City Council meeting Thursday, May 14.

Each year, commissioners recognize restoration projects located within the boundaries of the island's historic districts that exemplify the property owner's dedication to historic preservation.

Accepting awards, along with Bryan, for their work on the Museum were architect Greg Lewis, Lewis Design Group, and Alex Gonzalez, Creative Combinations, Inc., a historic preservation contractor.

City Council member Norman Pappous stated, "J.P. Bryan under-promised and over-delivered on this project. The Bryan Museum is not just for the Galveston and Houston market but is truly a national treasure on Galveston Island. It is spectacular!"

The Bryan Museum is scheduled to open to the public in June.

Houston Loses Wild West Museum to Galveston

April 13, 2015
By Harvey Rice
Source: Houston Chronicle
Photo: Mayra Beltran, Houston Chronicle

At age 8, J.P. Bryan mowed lawns and delivered newspapers to buy a four-barreled .22-caliber derringer made in 1859.

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The Bryan Museum Plans Mid-May Opening

March  1, 2015
By Laura Elder
Source: The Daily News
Photo: The Bryan Museum

The purpose of The Bryan Museum is to illustrate the vision, courage and entrepreneurial spirit that built the state and the American Southwest, but it also demonstrates the quiet, dogged determination of one Texan to tell that story.

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The Bryan Museum to Open on Galveston Island

February 26, 2015

Galveston Island welcomes The Bryan Museum, 1315 21st Street, home to one of the largest collections of art and artifacts relating to Texas and the American West.

Opening in June of 2015, The Bryan Museum is located in the magnificently restored Galveston Orphan's Home in the historic San Jacinto neighborhood. The Museum is home to the Mary Jon and J.P. Bryan Collection, comprised of 70,000 books, documents, artifacts, and fine art that exemplify the history of Texas and the American West. In addition, the Museum features displays related to the history of the Galveston Orphans Home, including artifacts and documents found in the building and around the grounds during restoration.

The original Galveston Orphans Home, designed in the Gothic Revival style, was rebuilt in 1902 following the devastation of the 1900 Storm with a simpler Renaissance Revival exterior. A safe haven for thousands of children for more than 100 years, the historic building now protects and preserves 12,000 years of history for future generations.

The Bryan Museum is dedicated to the preservation, education, and promotion of the history and art of Texas and the American West through engaging exhibitions and programming.

Open to the public beginning in June 2015, the Museum's hours are Thursday through Monday, 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (closed Mondays). Adults $10, Seniors/​Military $8, Students (with valid ID) $8, 12 years and under $4, 6 years and under free. Group rates and memberships available.

A nonprofit 501(c)(3) educational organization, The Bryan Museum is supported by grants, contributions, and membership. For general information, availability for conferences, special events, and receptions, call (409) 632‑7685.

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