Past Exhibits

Visual Prayers:
Spanish Colonial Religious Art

Nuestra Senora Refugio de Pecadores [Our Lady, Refuge of Sinners], Artist Unknown (c. 1850)
Nuestra Señora Refugio de Pecadores
[Our Lady, Refuge of Sinners]
Artist Unknown (c. 1850)

This special exhibition features never-before-seen selections from The Bryan Museum's own Spanish Colonial religious art collection.

San Francisco [Saint Francis], Artist Unknown (No Date)
San Francisco [Saint Francis],
Artist Unknown (No Date)

Catholicism was an important tool used by the Spanish to colonize and conquer an empire in the New World. Without a common language, Spanish priests and missionaries relied on artwork and images to convert indigenous populations. Religious images of Saints (Retablos), visual prayers of thanksgiving (ex-votos), images of the Virgin Mary, and statues (santos) of saints and the Holy Family were essential to communicating the principles of Catholicism. The results were painted teaching tools on par with some of the best fine art in the world but also provocative images by amateur artists and Catholic devotees.

Come to The Bryan Museum and EXPLORE the Spanish Colonial world, DISCOVER Catholic heritage, and CONNECT with powerful images of devotion.

On display: June 18, 2016 – January 23, 2017