Orientation Gallery

The Orientation Gallery is the small gallery that welcomes our guests and introduces them to The Bryan Museum.

Art and Artifacts

SS City of Berlin, Julius Stockfleth (Oil on Canvas)
SS City of Berlin,
Julius Stockfleth (Oil on Canvas)

The central case displays the organization of the main level and tells the history of the West, from the pre-Columbian era through the Mexican Revolution. Artifacts represent highlighted times in history: pre-Columbian, Spanish Colonization, the Texas Frontier, the Republic of Texas, the Civil War, the Wild West, the Indian Wars, the Great Storm of 1900, and the Mexican Revolution.

Longhorn Overlooking Canyon
Longhorn Overlooking Canyon,
Frank Reaugh (Oil on Canvas)

The central case also interacts with a video of Mr. Bryan in which he reviews the history that his collection covers. The video features artwork and objects that are in his collection and on display.

Display Cases in the Orientation Gallery
Display Cases in the Orientation Gallery

Galveston's history is represented in the larger case, which displays items from the eras of Bernardo de Gálvez, Jean Laffite, Texas Colonization, the Siege of Galveston (Civil War), the Fire of 1885, and the opening of the 1895 Galveston Orphans Home, now the home of The Bryan Museum.

Galveston is wonderful place to have a museum of the history of the Texas and the American frontier, because Galveston is where the sea meets the West. Artwork by Julius Stockfleth and Frank Reaugh reinforce this phrase.