Texas Masters Gallery

The Texas Masters Gallery celebrates the artwork of artists born in Texas and those who traveled to and through Texas, leaving their impressions of the landscape and the people.

The Artwork

Toro Quieto [Calm Bull], Tom Lea (Watercolor on Paper, 1946)
Toro Quieto [Calm Bull],
Tom Lea (Watercolor on Paper, 1946)

This gallery concentrates on six prominent artists from various eras of Texas history: Frank Reaugh, Tom Lea, José Arpa y Perea, Elisabet Ney, and Robert Jenkins Onderdonk and his son Julian. These artists used various media to create their artwork: marble and clay for sculptures, oil paintings, pastels, watercolors, and pen-and-ink illustrations.

Artwork by other prominent Texas artists are on display in this room as well, including Théodore Gentilz, Hermann Lungkwitz, Carl von Iwonski, and Friedrich Petri. Their pieces depict the people, landscapes, and themes of Texas and the broader American West.

A Laborer, San Antonio, Jose Arpa Y Perea (Oil on Canvas, 1903)
A Laborer, San Antonio,
José Arpa y Perea (Oil on Canvas, 1903)
Corrida de la Sandia, San Antonio (Dia de San Juan) [The Watermelon Race, San Antonio (Feast Day of John the Baptist)], Jean Louis Theodore Gentilz (Oil on Canvas, 1848)
Corrida de la Sandía, San Antonio (Día de San Juan)
[The Watermelon Race, San Antonio (Feast Day of John the Baptist)]
Jean Louis Théodore Gentilz (Oil on Canvas, 1848)

Featured Artists

Frank Reaugh

Frank Reaugh, called the "Rembrandt of the Longhorn," painted out in the countryside on long sketch trips with several students, capturing the end of the plains of Texas before barbed wire, trains, and oil derricks appeared. He has also been called the Dean of Texas Painters and taught students coined the Dallas Nine. Reaugh is one of Mr. Bryan's favorite artists.

Tom Lea

Tom Lea was first a war correspondent artist, then a noted illustrator and varied artist. He often worked with illustrator José Cisneros and publisher Carl Hertzog in El Paso, Texas to publish works on the Spanish heritage of the Southwest.

José Arpa

José Arpa is known for his portraits and detailed landscapes.

Elisabet Ney

Elisabet Ney sculpted royalty in Europe, then statesmen in Texas.

The Onderdonks

The Onderdonks are known for their bluebonnet landscapes and still lifes.