Meet Lynne Langdale
Docent Volunteer of the Month

Docent Volunteer of the Month
Lynne Langdale
Docent Volunteer of the Month

Lynne is truly a devoted volunteer at The Bryan Museum. She has a sparkling personality and always has a smile on her face. Not only is Lynn a pleasure to be around, she also brings history to life through her tours. She is truly a gem of The Bryan Museum. If you are lucky enough to find Lynne leading your tour, be sure to thank her for her time and dedication.

We asked Lynne a few questions about her time at the Museum:

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a native Texan, and I love everything Texas. In 2012, my husband and I purchased a home in the East End Historical District and moved to Galveston in anticipation of retirement. I retired in June 2013 and have spent time doing things that I love but couldn't while working full time in a job that required extensive travel.

What enticed you to become a volunteer at The Bryan Museum?

I had the opportunity to view the collection during the grand opening in June. I was absolutely awestruck. At that point, I knew I wanted to be involved with the Museum in some capacity.

What is your favorite part of being a Bryan Museum volunteer?

I enjoy interacting with the visitors and sharing my knowledge of the collection and the history of the building.┬áTheir reaction to the collection is always interesting/​entertaining because they are awestruck just as I was.

What is your favorite thing about the Museum?

Of course, it is the collection, but it would not be possible without Mr. Bryan and the dedicated staff of the Museum. So, my favorite thing is the individuals that made this Museum a reality.