Meet Charlette Kachelmeyer
Guest Services Volunteer of the Month

Guest Services Volunteer of the Month
Charlette Kachelmeyer
Guest Services Volunteer of the Month

Charlette began volunteering at The Bryan Museum in early 2016 and has made a remarkable addition to the team. Her enthusiasm, humor, and kindness help make our guests feel at home every day. With a natural desire to help others, Charlette is quick to respond to help in our galleries and even at special events. If you happen to pass by her on your next visit to The Bryan Museum, please thank her for her dedication.

We asked Charlette a few questions about her time at the Museum:

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am originally from a small town near Tulsa, Oklahoma. My husband and I retired, sold almost everything, left family and friends, and moved to the nearest beach: Galveston, Texas. I have two adult children. My son is a senior in college, and my daughter is married with our first grandchild, Rowan. He is now ten months old. I love history, old buildings, reading, and chocolate!

What enticed you to become a volunteer at The Bryan Museum?

I was mesmerized with the Museum the first time that I visited. I happened to overhear a gentleman explain to his friends that he used to live here. Later, on the ground floor, I watched an exchange between this guest and Mr. Bryan. The guest shared his happy memories here and asked Mr. Bryan why he chose this building. Mr. Bryan explained that he and his wife knew this was the right building the moment that they walked in. At that point, I knew that I wanted to be a part of this building and Mr. Bryan's efforts.

What is your favorite part of being a Bryan Museum volunteer?

The people who work here are amazing! They are so friendly, caring, and dedicated to the Museum. I really love just being in this building with all of its history. I have also learned a lot about Texas history, which I sorely lacked before moving here. Working the private events is also fun for variety and right up my alley!

What is your favorite thing about the Museum?

The building is my favorite thing here. The woodwork, the windows, and the doors help me imagine the children's lives here. The peace I feel in this building keeps me calm and grounded amid everything else in my life. I miss it when I am not here volunteering.