Meet Dennis Pachulski
Guest Services Volunteer of the Month

Guest Services Volunteer of the Month
Dennis Pachulski
Guest Services Volunteer of the Month

Dennis is a snowbird Texan and donates his time to The Bryan Museum when he escapes the cold of Maine's long winters. In March, Dennis not only volunteered his time assisting guests, but he also donated some at-home time helping to develop procedures that will help to evolve our volunteer program. Thank you, Dennis! If you are lucky enough to find Dennis volunteering while you are visiting the Museum, be sure to thank him for his hard work, time, and dedication.

We asked Dennis a few questions about his time at the Museum:

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My wife and I are winter Texans. We live in Maine during the summer months. I also volunteer on the Elissa and at The Grand Opera House. FeatherFest is another volunteer job. During the summer, I volunteer at the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum.

What enticed you to become a volunteer at The Bryan Museum?

Being interested in history, I thought The Bryan would be a good place to learn Texas history.

What is your favorite part of being a Bryan Museum volunteer?

Meeting people and helping them around the Museum. Also helping Nathan work on exhibits.

What is your favorite thing about the Museum?

Working with the staff and learning about Texas and Western U.S. history.