Meet Earl McLaughlin
Guest Services Volunteer of the Month

Guest Services Volunteer of the Month
Earl McLaughlin
Guest Services Volunteer of the Month

Earl began volunteering at The Bryan Museum in March 2016. He has a natural instinct to help others and always responds when he is needed. At The Bryan Museum, we are excited to have such a kind, approachable, and credible volunteer on our team. If you find Earl on your visit to the Museum, be sure to say hello.

We asked Earl a few questions about his time at the Museum:

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas and attended San Jacinto High School. Shortly afterward, I served in the Navy for four years with the Amphibious Fleet. I spent some time working with NASA including on the Skylab project. In 1972, I began working for Otis Elevators until my retirement in 2002. In July 2015, I became an "islander by choice" and moved to Galveston, Texas.

What enticed you to become a volunteer at The Bryan Museum?

A close friend had me visit the Museum, and I thought it was great. I wanted to become part of the excitement that The Bryan Museum represents.

What is your favorite part of being a Bryan Museum volunteer?

My favorite part of being at the Museum is the people that are here. It is also a pleasure to see Mr. Bryan and hear what interesting things he has to say about the collection. Of course, it is always fun to watch visitors see the Museum for the first time.

What is your favorite thing about the Museum?

My favorite things about The Bryan Museum are the setting, the artifacts, and the spirit. Every part of the Museum is great, along with the people inside.