The Bryan Museum offers easily accessible routes and courteous staff members who are ready to help. Special accommodations are available for guests with limited mobility. For more information, please contact us.


Our main accessible entrance is the handicapped/​elevator entrance at the rear of the building near the Museum Shop. It is easily accessed from our guest parking lot, which provides two handicapped parking spaces near the rear gate.

Please enter the elevator and press "1" to be taken to the main floor where you will be met by a helpful staff member. You may also buzz in at the front gate, and we will escort you to the handicapped/​elevator entrance.


If you require assistance with doors or have special needs or other requests, please speak with a staff member who will be happy to help you.


All exhibition areas are accessible by both elevators and stairs.


Convenient seating is provided in the exhibit areas to allow you to rest during guided or self-guided tours.


Accessible restrooms are located on each floor of the Museum.

 Service Animals

Leashed or harnessed service animals are welcome.